Fly fishing in Colorado is a year around sport!  While most fishermen turn to ice fishing or tying flies, we are fortunate to have multiple rivers that stay open and unfrozen throughout the calendar year.  The majority of the rivers in our state are tailwaters, meaning the river flow is influenced by a dam upstream.  In the wintertime, the warmest water in a reservoir is at the bottom, which is also the water that gets released through the dam and into the river downstream.  As a result, rivers below these dams remain ice free with often times, the water temperatures being warmer than that of the air outside!  Consequently, the coldblooded trout that inhabit these rivers will continue to feed and grow 12 months a year.  

One of the things that makes the North Fork of the South Platte River special is the tailwater effects from the Roberts Tunnel. Some winters we see the river freeze, but some years we see perfect water conditions that keep the river free of ice and the fish thrive all winter long. During this "offseason" we offer a discounted rate to go along with our standard fishing program.  It is a great time of year to learn a new hobby at an affordable price or work on improving your already established skills.  The seasonably low and clear water leads to some incredible sight fishing opportunities and a chance to go hunting for a trophy! The prices below are for private water fishing at North Fork Ranch.  As always, we also offer public water guided fishing.  Do not hesitate to call us with any inquires on this unique deal!  

January and February 

2 or more anglers

  • Full day - $275/angler
  • Half day - $185/angler

Solo Angler

  • Full day - $325/angler
  • Half day - $280/angler

March through April 10

2 or more angler

  • Full Day - $295/angler
  • Half Day - $195/angler

Fondu and Fly Fishing anyone?
Fondu and Snowshoe events available at Aspen Peak Cellers winery in Bailey, Colorado. You can combine this with an overnight and fishing with us the next day. Call for details.

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